Visual ballistics for hunters!

Bow Hunt Simulator

Shot simulator app for bow hunters using real bow physics. Practice on a spesific hunting scenario using real variables and ballistics.
By far the most advanced technical bow simulator for Android and iPhone

  • Key features:
    • Whitetail, elk, boar, turkey, coyote, roedeer
    • Fast vital 3d hit analytics
    • Customizable pin sight setup
    • Adjust distance, elevation, wind, direction
    • View arrow physics impact data
    • Advanced string jump algorithm
    • Random environment and scenery

Hunting Simulator

The most advanced visual ballistics simulator app for rifle hunters. Practice realistic hunting scenarios using real variables and ballistics.

  • Key features:
    • X-ray vitals on various animals
    • 50 - 1000m range
    • Variable Dist, wind, vertical etc..
    • View bullet impact
    • Adjustable reticle
    • Imperial / metric units.
    • Ammo presets and Custom ballistic
    • Unsteady aim
    • Generating random scenarios

HuntingSim app

3D Animal vital viewer and ballistic simulator for both bow and rifle. All in one simplified app.

  • Key features:
    • X-ray vitals on various animals
    • Variable Dist, Wind, Vertical etc..
    • Adjustable reticle, pin sight
    • Ammo and arrow ballistics
    • one hand navigation
    • designed for offline usage
    • no ads, no network required
    • all content is on the phone