Visual ballistics app,
made by hunters, for hunters!

Hunting Simulator

The most advanced visual ballistics simulator app for rifle hunters. Practice realistic hunting scenarios using real variables and ballistics.

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Bow Hunt Simulator

Visual ballistics simulator app for bow hunters. Practice on a spesific hunting scenario using real variables and ballistics, or simply generate a random scenario.

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Hugin UPM mk2

Universal phone adapter that let you take pictures and videos trough spotting scopes and binoculars. Fits all smartphones and binoculars/spottingscopes.

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Ballistics Smart Card

Pre-calculated ballistics trajectory of your ammunition up to 350m at 7°C, This is a simplified alternative to fiddling with a ballistic app in the woods. Currently in stock Norma and Barnes TTSX for 308, 30-06 and 6.5-55.

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Vitals Viewer

A free to use online 3d viewer of various animals showing vital hit zones from all angles.

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Hunting Simulator

The most advanced visual ballistics simulator app for rifle hunters, utilizing advanced realtime calculation of bullet trajactory and adjustable scope optics.

  • Key features:
    • X-ray vitals on various animals
    • 50 - 1000m range
    • Variable Dist, wind, vertical etc..
    • View bullet impact
    • Adjustable reticle
    • Imperial / metric units.
    • Ammo presets and Custom ballistic
    • Simulate low light
    • Unsteady aim
    • Generating random scenarios

Hunting Simulator app stores:
$ 3.99

Bow Hunt Simulator

Visual ballistics simulator for bow hunters combining arrow and bow physics in adjustable 3d environment.

  • Key features:
    • Whitetail, elk, boar, turkey and coyote targets
    • X-ray vitals on animals
    • Fast vital 3d hit analytics
    • Real ballistics
    • 100yd range
    • Customizable pin sight setup
    • Adjust distance, elevation, wind, direction
    • View arrow physics impact data
    • Random environment and scenery
    • View teoretical string jump

Bow Hunt Simulator app stores:
$ 2.99

Hugin UPM

Universal smartphone adapter that fit most types of phones, binoculars and spottingscopes. Enables the user to record video or images without the use of camcorder, big zoom lenses etc.

  • Key features:
    • Smallest universal adapter available
    • Unique compact and robust design
    • Fits most common smartphones
    • Fits oculars up to 55mm (2.15")
    • Quick detach phone from ocular

Buy Hugin UPM online:
$ 98.00

Animal Vital Viewer